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Investigation Discovery - ID Channel

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Branding TV Games - Brands ID's.

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Branding On Air- TV

Branding Video Award for year's Honorees

ID's Tv International Channel

On Air branding / Work for Punga VC .

TV Spot
Branding Spot for Real Estate Agency. La Plata - Argentina

Branding Animation
Branding Animation for The International Metalworkers' Federation (IMF).
Intro And End Video Branding.

The first channel dedicated exclusively to crime series and movies, mystery and invetigacion .

On Air branding ./ Work at Punga VC .

TV Show / TyC Sports / Argentina 2011
Analysis of soccer, with Eduardo Ramenzoni, Diego Diaz, Bellizi Germain, Luciana

Rubinska and Matias Palacios .

National Innovation Competition 2010.

The first channel focused on spreading tourism destinations, local products and services

across the country. A true visual guidebook designed by Argentines, for the Argentine,

Latin America and the world.

On Air branding .

IDs bumpers for FoxRetro. / Work for 2veinte

On Air branding ./ Work at Punga VC.
Grand Prix de Diente 010!!

Spot web diesel.com / Work at Punga VC.

Program designed for adults and may be unsuitable for children under age 17

/ Work at Punga VC.

Work at BridgerConway.

Work at RDYA.

Advertising sale of supplements daily Clarín / Work at RDYA.

Work at RDYA.

Work at RDYA.

Work at RDYA.

Weekend Promotions / Work at BridgerConway

International rock festival promotions / Work at BridgerConway

TV Show / America 2 / Argentina
Summary of the media is the first daily, not being a news, review today. /

Work at GP Producciones.

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